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Celebrating American Cheese, Wine, & Beer

Tues, Weds, Thurs, Sun: 11:30am-9pm

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Why Maker's Common?

When we opened Mission Cheese the idea was pretty simple…celebrate American cheese and its producers. The last four years have been amazing doing just that, while wading through the joys and challenges of building a business we can be proud of. A business that equally values environmental, social, and financial bottom lines. A business true to its mission and a really really good place to work. This process has been humbling (to put it lightly!), but also quite empowering. We’re ready to use what we’ve learned and move forward.

 For those of you who have been to Mission Cheese, you know, it’s small. The “kitchen” is serious one-butt style and consists of an oven and panini press. We have had many chuckles over the years when folks ask us to “tell them” everything was delicious or “can you ask them” to cut this in half as if there was a sprawling kitchen full of cheese elves churning out the goods. While this challenge has forced us to be masterfully efficient…we have run out of space to continue this mission.

We are still just as passionate about the American cheese industry that gave Mission Cheese it’s roots…we just want to do more. We want to bring the cheeses we carry to more people. We want to pour more small production West Coast wines. We want to feature more of America's best craft brewers and have a proper draft and storage system to do so. We want to celebrate the explosion of delicious charcuterie from Virginia to California. We want to make more pate, rillettes, pickles and jams of our own.  We want a tiny market so you can take what you’d like home to share with your community.

Maker’s Common will be a place makers come to share their stories, connect with fans, meet friends, and depend on to move their product in a respectful way to help them grow. It will also be a place where food lovers gather for laughter, scheming, and a really delicious meal. This is the continuation of our mission, and we’re pretty fired up about it.

For more information please go to www.makerscommon.net